Here's a guide to help you choose the perfect gift book for your loved one this Christmas. Don't forget (or extra money?), once unboxed, the book will keep packing for party time!

For future writers ... Author: Craft Memoirs

About the author of Stephen King

A memoir, a masterclass, this excellent book is the revelation and recognition of authorial talents, including the basic tools of the trade that every writer should have. . A must read for any writer.

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For fantasy lovers… Dark Tower Series

Dark Tower: Gunslinger from Stephen King Dark Tower

Are they counting down to the next season of Game of Thrones? Are they obsessed with Lord of the Rings? They will love the King's Dark Tower series. The Lord of the Rings part, West and Dark Tower series are King's masterpieces and detail eight epic stories.


For drug addicts... MR MERCEDES

MercedesStephen King

Grandpa Mercedes is a fun cat-and-mouse thriller in which retired police officer Bill Hodges suffers from the "Mercedes Massacre", a case he never solved. And there are two more Bill Hodges stories about religious crime: Finder Keepers and End of Watch.


For history buffs... 11.22.63 He

22.11.63 He

At 22.11.63, the king asked. What if you could go back in time and change history? What is the turning point you would change is the assassination of JFK? Its protagonist, Jake Epping, decides to do so.


For those who think the king is terrible...a different time

This incredible collection of four stories includes the story of one of the most popular films: The Shawshank Tragedy.


For those who seek happiness and bliss… IT

This year, Stephen King's classic villain, Pennywise, returns to every movie buff's horror. This chilling classic shows seven adults coming together against the monsters they encountered as teenagers. The children were killed once again. And it looks like Pennywise the Clown is back.


For music update

PB alarm clock

King's protagonist, Jamie Morton, has been married to the guitar since he was 13 years old. During his encounter with his longtime nemesis, he began playing in bands across the country and led a nomadic life in the rock and roll bar band.


For teenagers... Bring

In his new first story, Stephen King captures high school horror and creates Carrie White, one of the most iconic young characters in all of history.


For busy travellers… business nightmares

nightmare bazaar

Give your passenger a perfect book on their way. Bad Dream Bazaar has many short stories, each starting with a good narration from the man himself.


For animal lovers… at the very end

A Tale of Competing Cats and Dogs: In All Things Ultimate's "LT's Theory of Pets," a husband and wife give each other a cat and dog as gifts and live together with regret.

For royal fans who have almost everything...pretty sleepy

Stephen King's new venture is his fruitful collaboration with his son Owen King. In this new book, they ask: What are women missing in the world of men? Then if you have to leave the dishes alone until Boxing Day.