When it comes to finding great tank gifts for your wedding reception, we recommend that you reach for something practical and personal. If they are fans of the fairway, gifts for groomsmen with a golf theme are appropriate. From personalized teas and golf towels to smart whiskey glasses and cufflinks that show their love of the game, these memorable purchases are sure to help you express your gratitude. And whether they are enthusiastic golfers or usually just watching them on TV, there is a gift for every player. We've put together a number of great golf-themed gifts to make your wedding party look and feel its best. Gifts for RCH golf t-shirts

Wooden golf teas with 'New Wedding!' and engraved initials

Customized golf courses are a great way to improve your game. We like how cheap they are and you can get them in a small set of 10 or many - up to 500! Customize their initials or the full name of your gift and they may invite you on another golf trip.

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From $ 8 per set 10 | Etsy

Wetterman The 62 Umbrella

Weatherproof sea umbrella

Rein sil barre. Play with this sturdy umbrella, even if the weather changes. It can withstand winds of up to 55 mph and the material cannot withstand water and fast drying. $ 84 | Wetterman umbrella

Leather bag for golf shoes ROYCE New York

Black leather bag for golf shoes with many pockets

No player would have to hide their shoes in a plastic shopping bag. That's why this cute leather bag is a great gift. Choose one in brown or black (and if you're in New York, keep your monogram in Saxony). We like that you can use it on nice days and mud - the interior is lined with waterproof nylon.

$ 300 | German Fifth Avenue

LINK UP cufflinks from Bloomingdale

Silver and blue cufflinks on a golf bag

Give your bachelor a way to show his love, even through links. While there are many golf-themed cufflinks, this pair offers gorgeous pop blue for any dry look.

$ 95 | Bloomingdale's

Corkcicle Arnold Palmer Umbrella without stem

Arnold Palmer stainless steel mute cup in white with colorful umbrella graphics

Glasses of Corkcicle will keep the drink ice cold for up to nine hours (not that it will last long). With Arnold Palmer's typical colorful umbrellas, it is also the perfect companion for a day by the water.

$ 35 | Corkcicle

Sews Annemarie Personalized golf towels

Dark purple towels with a personal name and an embroidered golf bag and clubs

These soft, absorbent golf towels come in a variety of colors and can be customized with the name or monogram of your gift. Get one or two for your bachelors and they can now hide the towels they use. $ 20 | Etsy

Frontgate Floating Golf Green

Floating golf lay in a green pool

If your best friends want to practice removing them from the green (and they happen to have a pool), this little game is just a ticket. Put it in the pool, have a few rays and practice all summer. It's also a fun choice to say goodbye to freedom in hot weather.

$ 549 | Front gate

Girly created the Personalized Golf Divot Tool

Stainless steel and wooden golf tools and ball marker

Even if you don't need your own punching tool and ball marker, it's a small detail that can improve your game. Get a painted set for each member of your wedding and add it to the showcase as a quick gift on the big day. $ 35 | Etsy

Rustico Leather Golf Log and Scorecard

Brown leather golf logos with the Rustico logo on the front

Keep your scoring style with this beautiful leather golf diary. Holds 48 rounds of 18 holes. If your entire wedding reception gets logged, you can also use it as a way to compare the game to all of a friendly competition.

$ 34 | Huckberry

Adidas Golf pants with 5 pockets

If you want something beautiful to look forward to for your games, get some of these gorgeous but comfortable golf pants. They are made from recycled nylon and offer the perfect amount of flexibility for green color and style for post-match dinner. 110 $ | Nordstrom

Titanium pen Grovemade

If you save the score and your bachelors have a nice golf block, skip the pencil and give a nice pen like this titanium figurine from Grovemade. It's a great addition to any golf bag - titanium is lighter but more durable, so it works well without adding extra volume.

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From $ 130 | Grovemade

Man Crates Exercise Doing Par-Fect Gift Set

Golf gift box with hat, golf ball, water bottle and more.

For the best person who is increasingly behind your free profession, this golf-themed Mancrate is the only way to show your gratitude. It's full of gadgets, from "This's a Gimme" caps to golf balls, lag sticks and stainless steel water bottles. $ 130 | Men's crates

Gemsho glass golf ball Whiskey glass

A whiskey glass is a glass in the shape of a golf ball

For players who want to see their love at their home bar, look no further than these golf ball-shaped whiskey glasses. Combine her with her favorite bourbon for an unforgettable wedding anniversary gift.

$ 35 | Etsy

Copper Tech Golf gloves with copper

Copper golf gloves black and white

Make him a professional with this cool copper golf glove. With gentle compression, it can relieve strained muscle pressure and improve blood flow. Don't forget to buy a glove for the recipient's non-dominant hand. $ 20 | Grommet

Public Rec Better Than Reducing The Perfect Vest

When playing in the fall and spring, this ecological donjon vest is the perfect thing to entertain you without overheating. It also retains water when it is raining in the spring - and can be washed in the washing machine when the sun is foggy.

128 $ | Public Rec

Therabody Theragun Mini

Ideal for athletes, this mini Theragun is the only thing that can soothe sore muscles inside and outside the green. While the original Theragun is large and expensive, this pocket size is perfect to carry on the go - and more comfortable for your wallet.

$ 199 | Therabody

Golf ball M-Clip Money clip

Money clip in black and silver with golf ball inlay design

Money clips are always a gift for bachelors - and for good reason. They are the best way to carry money on the go without a big wallet. It quickly includes his favorite game with a textured golf ball lining.

$ 65 | Nordstrom

Chips and icons for Golf Iron Club bottle opener

Open bottle in golf club design

These bottle openers made of real golf clubs bring a love of play to the bar. Each comes in a festive flannel bag with a certificate of authenticity - your gift knows that its putter saw time on the green.

$ 80 | Cufflinks

YETI Hopper Flip 12 may be slightly cooler

Yeti beverage cooler in dark gray color

Whether you are a real player or just enjoying the fresh air and company, a good drink is a must. The robust heatsink from YETI is soft and dense (and easy to use on the road). This will cool their chosen drink throughout the day.

$ 250 | YETI

Frontgate Golf Organizers

Silver three-plate golf organizer on wheels

If he can live golf and breathe, he probably has a lot of equipment - and all that equipment requires some kind of storage. Keep your collection neat with these attractive and comfortable three-shelf organizers. All his golf clubs, balls and shoes will fit in it. There is even a towel rack if you also want to give him towels with a monogram.

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Fan $ 449 | Front gate

Gift boxes for golf lovers Genna

Golf-themed gift box with golf table, deodorant, mug and more.

This well-placed gift box is the perfect gift for a bachelor. For the right price, it offers everything a golf fan wants and needs: a golf cup, a set of accessories (with balls, tea and a cleaning cloth), a wallet, a set of a golf table and so on. Homemade toffees offer a sweet ending. 89 $ | Etsy