Valentine's Day conjures up satin jewelry boxes with purple hearts, decadent chocolates and priceless gems. But... what do you mean about the romantic copper gift?

It doesn't carry as far as it looks. Copper, the first metal used by humans, has a long history of interfering with love and sex. Here are some facts about copper romance and some ways you can enjoy it as a gift for your loved gift.copper gifts for men

copper and the goddess of love

some copper cups

Aphrodite, originally known as Venus, was the goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, and lust. The goddess has been associated with the Greek islands of Cyprus since the 12th century BC, and her roots date back thousands of years when copper began to predate the islands.

The Latin name for copper "Cuprum" is derived from the name of Cyprus. On the island, the ancients saw in Aphrodite the personification of the earth, and therefore of copper. The sulphide deposits that make up the island of the Troodos Mountains are rich in zinc, gold and copper.

copper and chocolate

wedding copper mug

Give your loved one a box of chocolate by offering copper!

Copper is not just a metal. It is important for our health. A daily intake of 900 micrograms of copper is recommended. The best way to do this is to eat fruits, seafood, beans, liver, vegetables, and dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate has the highest copper content (a 100 gram bar of 70-85% dark chocolate contains 1,766 micrograms of copper), but if your partner likes milk chocolate, that's not an option. . They would also benefit from almost 500 micrograms of copper for the same major service.

copper and precious stones

In medicine and metaphysics, copper is called the "iron of love".

Wearing copper jewelry is said to activate the energy of love, correct sexual imbalances, and transform energy to heal the body and mind. The spirit guide says copper can help you communicate better in relationships with greater understanding, openness, and acceptance. If you are alone, copper can help you find a romantic partner. If you are in a relationship, copper can help rekindle a relationship.

Heart-shaped bracelets, rings, and earrings are great gifts for someone who loves a glowing face and can use chakra well in their life.

copper and pledge

Custom Engraved Copper Mug

Moscow Copper products are built to last into the future, making them a better gift than ever. Some romantic copper gift ideas:

Give your spouse two copper mugs, a great gift from your favorite restaurant, and have the option of taking a video for dinner and watching a movie at home for Valentine's Day today. Invite a copper mug or two with a short romantic phrase or phrase that will break their hearts for years to come. Copper, like your counterpart, is one of the metals suitable for a particular and unique decorative writing.

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