Do you know a basketball fan for whom you need to buy a gift? You've come to the right place. We've put together a great list of the best gifts for basketball players for a holiday or birthday. As we all want a basketball shooter, we know it's not expensive at all, so check out our other ideas!

Let's take a look at the suggestions of everyone at Dr. Dish Basketball for the basketball player of your life. Click on the image to buy our selection!

1. Basketball shorts

Is it possible that a player has several pairs of basketball shorts? Probably not. If they have a favorite team you know, choose a pair that will mark that team as their color. We believe that you cannot make a mistake with anything fundamental.

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Our selection for men: $ 24.99

Our selection for girls: $ 12.99

2. Hand on arm / arm on knee

Some players choose to wear compression braces on their hands or feet for protection, feel or style while playing. Wearing your knees is a huge advantage when a player is not good and gets on the floor a lot!

US election: $ 16.44

$ 25.44


The simplest gift a basketball player can give is basketball socks. It's a necessity and versatile in size!

Our selection: $ 23.95

4. Mini-basketball hoop with ball

The player can always find a place for one of them in his room - trust us. Remember, it's a fake size! Don't worry, it will take up space in your home.

Our selection: $ 24.99

5. Basketball

And what about the new basketball? Or better yet custom basketball? Depending on where the player trains, you can donate the composition of the ball for indoor and outdoor use, or opt for a genuine leather ball!

Our options: 28 - 35 USD

How about a fun way with our friends at Chance Athletics? Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 12.48.01 PM

6. Travel backpack

Most players today choose a backpack to carry equipment for tournaments or games. They vary in price, but we found a few favorites.

Our options: $ 25.99

7. Kegels & Agility Ladder Set

Use cones and an agility ladder to increase exercise. This is especially good for training in non-gym environments where you cannot name instructions.

No: $ 32.99

8. Reflective network

Depending on your court settings, it may be a good idea to have a net behind the ring to catch stray balls. It is a repetitive system in the most basic way and may be more important for safety than functionality.

USA: $ 109.99

9. SKLZ D-Tawo

A fake defender is a great way for players to practice raising a shot and not ignoring disruptive elements such as a "hand in the face". They can also serve as markers on the drill.

Our selection: $ 62.99

10. WNBA / NBA team equipment

Even if you think the NBA / WNBA season is a little different this year, it's still a good idea to support your team with equipment. Visit the NBA / WNBA store with the links below to find a hat, sweatshirt and t-shirt that a hopper likes.

Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 14:39.11 PM

11. Pinggan iC3 by Dr

Every player who regularly receives shots at home must have an iC3 shot coach! Work on the form and improve your strokes without constantly lifting the balls. The built-in ramp is adjusted 180 degrees to adjust where the ball is to return.

Our selection: $ 499.99


12. Basketball hoop

Many of the above gifts believe that the man already has a basketball hoop! If they don't and they have a place to live, what a wonderful gift! If they have a hoop, maybe it's time to upgrade? There are many different price ranges to suit your budget. The first step is to decide whether you want to wear them or land them.


13. Dr. Home dishwasher

The greatest and greatest gift of all would be Dr. Bowl shooting machine. The player's dream is to become a brand new Dr. Dish Home shooting machine as a gift, sold for $ 2995 (members separately). Imagine an unlimited number of repetitions and on-demand training that a player wants! More information about Dr. Dish Home. Product images 14

What are we missing from this list of the best gifts for basketball players? Write us a comment below!