Trying to wash a small child knocking on the door, finding the perfect gift for a father who already has it all, can be almost impossible. There are so many options. Thousands of useful tools, great technology, kitchen utensils and unique clothes that will not bore him - all this awaits online.


So how do you find great gifts for a dad who not only loves but really loves? Something unique and really useful? For our list of the best gifts for 2021 for dads, we have compiled products that we can safely say are different from the rest of the package. We guarantee that you will find something here that will make you laugh, laugh and be fine, or at least you will appreciate this year's holidays. Letting them bathe around the clock would also be a great gift.

Each Fatherly product is independently selected by our editors, authors and experts. If you click on a link on our website and buy something, we can earn an affiliate commission. A Lululemon's Ease Hoodie

Absolutely good hooded sweatshirt fits well and looks decent. A good hooded sweatshirt from workout to dinner, with elegance. It is a breathable and double knit with secure zip pockets for hiding your phone and cards. In addition, thanks to its design, it is also comfortable and unobtrusive. That is, something that will be worn all year round. LOOK NOW $ 148.00

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Yanagi Knife is Made In

We have this knife. We love this knife. It is a work of culinary art. Yes, it is used to make sushi, but the knife itself is so precise, so well made, so beautiful that it is difficult not to use it to prepare other dishes. The handle is an evergreen tree. And it enhances the cooking experience of every home cook.

LOOK NOW $ 199.00

Original multifunctional tool 10 in 1 ATECH

A stainless steel tool that ensures it is ready for anything. And what do we mean by that? It is a carabiner, box cutter, Philips remote control, flat remote control, keychain, Allen key, wire cutter, ruler, opener and bicycle tools. It fits in his palm and hangs in his jeans or bag. Buy now for $ 19.99

Heated razor from Gillette Labs

A razor that soothes? Bet. It was a heat that lasted less than a second and spread the same and constant heat to his face as he shaved. It softens and relaxes her skin. And yes, it's not a source of water. LOOK NOW $ 200.00

Kiehl's Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap

Sure, you mean, soap? SABON ??? But it's not the same thing you get at your local pharmacy. This is a soap beast. It removes dead skin, wakes it up with it and keeps the skin soft because it contains oatmeal and burns. The best, period. Apply body lotion to make her bath really beautiful.

LOOK NOW $ 15.00

Herschel's Seventeen Waist Pack

Don't make fun of the fannypack, which comes from bad tourist days. Nowadays, it is a necessary equipment especially for parents. He can wear it around his waist. He could have thrown it over his shoulder. The point is that he has his hands completely free in dad mode. This very nice and surprisingly wide bag has a storage pocket on the front with a waterproof zipper and a key clip.

Buy now $ 29.94

Dad: A comprehensive guide to childbirth, budgeting, finding the current and how to become a happy parent

Except now! The most important and fun book on parenting you can read - more than 17 happy, professionally led chapters, fathers' houses with UFC fighter children, an examination of cultural norms where boys pretended to be pregnant, and 6 important interviews with all parents. must have (and have and have again). In the meantime, there are more than 20 experts, illustrated guides and lots of great advice. Buy now $ 23.49

Torch 500 Multi-Purpose Light by Goal Zero

For a dad who likes to camp, there is a multifunctional luminaire equipped with a 300-lumens reflector and a 300-lumens reflector, each with three different lighting settings. This thing can and will last forever. It is not a source of water. It is resistant to sand. It is dust resistant. And he's charging the phone. It has a built-in solar panel and a USB-C input port.

BUY NOW $ 50.00

Wellen sweater Seewool Fisherman

The sweaters are almost there. And that means it's time for this innocent sweater made from recycled plastic bottles and oyster shells. It was just warm, not overheated. In terms of cut: it fits in size, without unnecessary volume.

LOOK NOW $ 14.00

Vista 2 True Wireless Sport Vista 2 True Wireless Sport

Jaybird has already made some of the best earplugs in the world. Now they are even better. The latest model has absolutely brilliant sound quality combined with active noise reduction. Yeah, and 24 hours battery life. He can throw them in the water. In the mud. In the snow. And they will be better.

Buy now $ 129.99

Durand sunglasses by Warby Parker

The sunglasses that stayed right in the middle were cool enough not to scream that they were trying so hard. They are nicely rounded. Small square. Made of hand-polished cellulose acetate. The lenses are scratch resistant and block 100 percent of UV radiation. You can buy them as shades or as prescribed sunglasses. Have a nice summer.

LOOK NOW $ 95.00

Karu 16 multi-fuel pizza oven from Ooni

Now you can prepare real Neapolitan pizza at home, with this new oven, which is the first officially "recommended for home use" Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. It's the governing body of all pizza stuff. And this oven is a hell of a stone. You can use wood or charcoal out of the box or use gas with a gas burner (sold separately). It hit in 15 minutes. There is a built-in digital thermometer that shows the internal temperature in the oven and a large cooking area that can hold 16-inch pizzas.

LOOK NOW $ 799.00

Tobacco vanilla from TOM FORD

Hot and spicy, there is no need to introduce this scent. It is a perfect combination of vanilla, ginger and tobacco leaves and smells of self-confidence, self-confidence and gentle strength. Above the bottle, it looks like a chess piece. LOOK NOW $ 270.00

Rumpl's puffy outdoor blanket

Think of it as a fluffy coat, but in the form of a blanket. It is packed, portable and surprisingly pleasantly warm. The insulation is made from recycled materials (and it's free, great for anyone with spring or summer allergies). The colors are crazy. It's the perfect blanket you can put in the car and take it out for a timeless picnic, parks or camping. LOOK NOW $ 99.00

Halo View Fitness Tracker from Amazon

You see, we're not saying he should practice. Not really. But after almost two years of sitting on the couch in sweat, we can all use a kick in the ass to be healthier. Amazon's halo is quite a device, especially given the short price. It gives him access to metrics such as heart rate, sleep score and blood oxygen levels. In addition, he can get movement ratings using the Halo app and then a personalized exercise program. Sleep problems? She can measure the quantity and quality of her closed eye and gain access to meditations that will help her cool down. In addition, he can start exercising live and receive movement reminders. And it works with Alex. Buy now for $ 79.99

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Westmark Monopoly Steel double-toothed cork puller

Westmark, a well-known German brand, produces barware that lasts much, much longer than the bottle of chianti it holds. Bring this corkscrew. It removes the cork without damaging the barrel or bottle and the handle acts as a hole for the bottle. Smart, strong and slim. we approved. Buy now for $ 24.99

Courant's AirPods Pro leather case

Not only are its AirPods Pro protected in this Italian leather case. But you can also monogram the case with its initials to still feel super-duper-special. It can also charge its AirPods wirelessly when they are in the case.

BUY NOW $ 23.00

Helmet R1 EVO from Sena

Think of this cycling helmet as a multifunctional tool for your head. The comfortable, plastic and foam shell has a built-in backlight, wireless speakers, microphone and intercom. Pair it with your phone and play a playlist, make a call, get more directions, or listen to NPR through the speakers while you still hear ambient sounds like someone on your left or an automatic horn. Go on group rides for two, you can use the intercom to chat with someone wearing an R1.

Buy now $ 298.86

Instax Mini 40 Instant Camera by Fujifilm

If Dad likes to take a selfie (no court here), this great camera has a built-in selfie mode. Because let's be honest: photo streams are great, but real things are even better. Not only does this retro-cool camera have a built-in auto shutter speed and auto brightness, but it's all about instant gratification, creating 2 x 3 inch photos the size of a credit card. Buy now for $ 89.95

Chillo Slide Sandals by Chaco Men

Chaco really enhances the style of this game with the latest round slides, in time for trips to the beach and water. They actually look, well, cool. At the same time, it still shows all the comfortable creations that resemble the brand. It has transformed LUVSEAT arc support for precise alignment. The belts are adjustable and the sleds are self-propelled. They are ultralight and wrapped.

BUY NOW $ 37.00

PowerExpand Elite 13-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 Dock from Anchor

This port is the key to productivity when working from home. As with newer MacBooks, which have only two Thunderbolt inputs, this can be limited. Connect the Anchor to your laptop with a cable and you now have access to almost every port you need - including several ways to connect an external monitor. This industrial-looking box, which is as thick as two iPhones, is an easy way to remove crowded cables from your desk. LOOK NOW $ 300.00

Priest knife from Made In Cookware

Made In produces restaurant-quality knives, pots and breads for the price of home cooking. However, the quality is the highest. This 3.3 ounce knife will be the hero of his kitchen: he will use it for cutting