Running with a child or teenager in a wheelchair can be difficult. You want to give your favorite kids a gift and you want to give them something to have fun in the wheelchair. This list belongs to the second category.

From novelty clothes to wheelchairs for kids to show off their style, they make great gifts. Use these names when shopping for a holiday, birthday, or a day you just want to say "You're special."

wheel gloves

Good gloves can help children move their wheelchair easily. This prevents abrasions or cuts to the skin and protects your hands while controlling movement.

RehaDesign gloves are made of soft leather and are easy to wear by children of all ages. The baby's fingers remain white, which allows him to hold other objects while wearing it. The gloves are also adjustable and suitable for most children.

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Wheel chairs

Every child has something they would like to take with them, and a child in a wheelchair is no exception. Regular backpacks are comfortable and can slide into a wheelchair, so a back seat is best.

The Pembrook backpack slides into the seat cushion to keep it in place during transport. There's plenty of room for everything your child needs or wants, and a face-to-face meeting with a child-safe feel.

sofa chair organizer

There are items your child will want to have next to them in their wheelchair, and a good staff member is a great gift idea.

The Demi Milan organization has 4 pockets, including a hand luggage to hold a bottle of water or other drink. A small bag can hold a phone, pen, glasses or whatever your child needs. The organizer attaches almost all seats with Velcro and makes it easy to adjust.

bed phone

This is a great idea for kids who like to use their phone or tablet. You can attach your favorite things to your wheelchair, so you can easily access them whenever you want to connect or write to friends.

Ram mounting systems are customizable and you can see the complete clamping system that works with almost all wheelchairs and various accessories. Check out the company store for a full selection of products.

winter jacket and poncho

It is important to keep your baby warm and comfortable in the winter. A new winter jacket or poncho is a great gift.

As many parents know, putting a jacket on a child in a wheelchair can be dangerous. That's why the splitback couch jacket is the best! You can use this technology to accent almost any jacket seat cushion and reduce the stress on your child's shoulders when dressing. If you're not an expert, ask a crafty friend or family member. They will be happy to help you.

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A poncho is another great idea to keep your baby warm and comfortable to wear. A hand-knitted or woolen poncho is a fantastic gift. Keep your back lower than the front to avoid getting tangled in the wheelchair.

If you're considering buying a poncho, consider wrapping it in warm items to keep your baby cool.

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