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Readers' Giveaway 2021: Best Book Under $30

Kelly Jensen November 17, 2021

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I love giving good books and I love giving good books as gifts. As someone on a tight budget for gifts, there are plenty of options out there, but most of the information I look up outside of the book world focuses exclusively on certain aspects outside of my tax cycle. I love my friends and family, but they're not worth the $70 or $80 wrap (I know they don't love me that much, so to speak). So a few years ago I started writing tips for gifts under $30. From fun tote bags to cute prints, enamel pins and fun stickers, there's a little gift for everyone in the 2021 Reader Awards.

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I keep some gift for my readers. In other words, it includes reading and general books, regardless of the author or the book. For people like me who can find cheap products right away, we've divided the information into three sections. You can find categories under $10, under $20, and under $30.

We've seen a lot of news this year about shipping issues and channel disruptions, and how that could affect holiday shopping. However, for a small retailer like the one below, this won't be as problematic as the courier service. This guide therefore presents many opportunities for the first celebrations of the year like Hanukkah, including the holidays in December.

Get ready to be the best gift of the year without spending any money. And PS: no one will tell you if you ever get something like a book.

2021 Reader Rewards: Books Under $30

less than $10

Sticky face cream. The sticker features 6 rainbow-colored book spines, each with a fun and hot design. A “Book Collector” sign hangs on the front of the book.

Are you an author you know? Then this book writes the stickers with a hot face is a must. $4

Pile of sticky stickers with colorful picture books

How cute are these sticky paper books? Perfect for writing or identifying anyone borrowing a book. $3

book stack stud earrings

For those who love earrings, we have the best set of earrings that will suit everyone. $8

Figure of various bright colors used for spare parts. Do you know someone who knows scrapbooking or enjoys editing in their classroom, library, or office? This download contains all the details of a good book and print. Send as a gift, or as a gift card to print *and* the information. $7, available for download.

An image of a rainbow metal book. It is written 'L'.

Personalized rainbow metal bookmarks are a desirable and lasting gift. $10

An image of a scrabble paper magnet. The top line is "Letters" and the bottom line is "geeks". A free hand holds through the pages of the open book.

Add the word nerdery with Scrabble letters and add love to the word "book nerd" and the fact that it can be used to destroy anything that wins this book nerd magnet. $7

The keychain with the pretty blue bookstore. It depends on the background signal.

Who doesn't need a beautiful keychain book? $9

Image of a yellow note on a bare face. The notepad has white letters announcing the rating with a star.

This reading closure book helps people who want to keep track of their old text and think with pen and paper. $5

Image of a brown rubber stamp. The image of the stamp is a shelf containing books.

Choose a fun colored ink pad and give a gift with this rubber envelope. Over $8 depending on size (largest is always under $15).

Image of 5 green, pink and white pens with different shades of blue. Each pen has a book-like phrase with gold lettering.

You can give someone an entire notebook or you can give them five gifts. Total of 5 to 9$.

$20 or less

An image of a candle on a piece of wood. The candles are in a dark jar with a cork stopper. The label is vintage style.

Candles are the best and worst gift, right? It's easy and people like it, but the smell is harsh. Fortunately, this is an important bet to bring readers a "bookstore" incense. Rustic bookstore candles smell of "old books", "fireplace" and "leather" and the vases themselves are perfect for reusable applications. Once the candle is lit. $19

Image of a black book and a white pocket on the black table next to the cup. The sleeves are a white fabric with a black triangle and a black fabric with whit flowers.

Whether it's home or traveling and coming from a place of entertainment, put on a nice sleeve to protect someone's book. The black and white sleeve book is a nice mid-range style with lots of pizzazz and more, and it has a front pocket for other items. There are many sizes to choose from, half of which are under $20 and the rest under $30.