When you welcome a new baby to the family, it's a good idea to give a gift from your baby to your older child. In this article, you will find 15 new cute but useful gift ideas for your little brother and sister!

After making my 2 (almost 3) siblings older, I was able to give the baby 'big brother' gift by making a small change to add a new baby to the family. . But what's buying a sibling to a new baby?! Just scrolling.

One thing I've learned over the years is that a gift from a sibling can be used to help you through a new baby as hard as siblings get a gift must be fun and loving.

I've provided a list of baby-to-brother and baby-to-sister gift ideas for your convenience. The gift for old brothers should not be strong or expensive, but there is an idea of ​​all the value below.

That is to say, I have my idea of ​​the big sister of the baby's brother.

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The baby brothers

The gifts at the sister of the child are serious for the brothers of the child to the child

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1 // Buslock / Petfulity - So, the big baby can wear! The Soli baby or less I like this work of a super cute and low price!

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2 / RD Doll - Juut, if it's not one, you have a nice baby puppy for boys and girls.

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3 // Fire tablets - Opartum is not the time to set the main screen limit ... #Survival. I like these tablets because it has cheap and unbelievers. You can create a time limit, set the age limit by the content and restrict Internet access (without YouTube longer). All, parenting has won and my children do not have to use these tools every day, but they are the best tools while traveling. buy now

4 // Great personal books - always popular, especially younger "big" siblings. Click on the image of the book you want to see more details. :).

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5 // Baby Doll Carriage - Another great way for a doll stroller, but still cute and functional!

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6 // Instax X-Ray Camera - It's great for kids under 5, and it's so cute for siblings to take pictures of their siblings. Also buy an album to store your photos.

 Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera - Ice Blue Fujifilm Instax Mini Twin Film Pack (20 Sheets) - Walmart.com Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera - Arcadia Green

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7 // Matching Pajamas - Matching pajamas with big(s) + cute babies - this is my favorite one-stop-shop for all sizes (including adults) of breed 'jams. buy now

8 // Large cache of sibling books - Similar to the editing options above, you can write notes about being siblings and bind them in a basket.

Best Big Brother Yearbook:

The Best Sisters Book:

Book Basket:

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9 // Warmies - These pet packs are scented and microwaveable to keep them warm and cozy! You can put them in the freezer. No matter the age, your child can make a nice gift for their brother or sister.

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10 // Indoor Bounce House - This makes a great gift, but it's a huge distraction for kids ages 1-7 and they'll spend time burning off their energy.

Bounce House @ Walmart

Bouncing House @ Amazon

11 // Big Friend Little Rascal Stuffed Animal - They're so cute! Big brother + matching dolls. Finn + Emma® Milton Buamfady & Buddy Finn + Lil 'Rascal & Rattal Bird Crape

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12 / US CUSTOMER BINS - I was born for this baby for children.

The most important thing can be treated on the basis of your child's age / concerns and savings regarding the "special time". The breather, alias, a new child and a new baby is bigger. I need something new ... tips for content:

Modeling paste.

Reusable stickers

Wow wow

Found noisy - life was born with young

Roller rubber


Feel like a

Baril Mattr.

Kinetic sand.

Material - cards, paper, pencils, child safety, etc.

To clean

Stick wiki

Tear tire + harvest

Arts and crafts

13 / View / Games Tracker - I like watching or playing Tracker, it does not say "Big I". We are the same thing (he had it when he was 6 years old) and he loved her. These are all children (waterproof, no need to break, and you do not have to repeat). The new child will seek me up to 5 years old).

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14 // Children's tastes - good for larger children. However, hair curfew can help you support sleep insert. Because the child will take enough enough;). The general rule is 10% + 1 lb of body weight, but talk to your doctor before you start working out.

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15 // Baby Doll Stroller - We've found some great options for kids to slide an animal or doll into.

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16 // Disney+ Subscriptions - Whatever your child's age, Disney+ subscriptions are a great investment! I have a free trial for you, but it could also be a huge gift for your child! The bonus will be whatever gift your older child gives ;).

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17 // Tipi Tent - I like the idea of ​​giving adults a place to call each other. This tent is SO