Every relationship we build has a purpose in our lives. Some relationships turn into partnerships for a reason. Some relationships are pure bliss. Some relationships are spiritual, like relationships with best friends, while others grow and deepen over time. Without a doubt, everyone who comes into our lives leaves behind a memory, an experience or a lesson. Often when we find ourselves in a difficult relationship, we can choose to break it. But sometimes we have to endure a difficult joint venture depending on the situation. I find myself in a relationship with my children.Read Wedding Gifts For Stepchildren

For years I ran to them with open hands and open heart. I encourage, praise, give and use myself in every way. Back then, I was cast aside and my heart broke. But giving up is not an option. I made an appointment with my husband and promised that we would be a family.

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At the beginning of my parents' adventure, I did not understand the impact on my career. I don't understand how the children I try to hug have experienced the disappearance of their former family while we were trying to create a mixed family at the same time. It doesn't matter if I was nice to them or if they were tempted to accept me. Because my life is a threat to what has been or will be.

In other relationships, rejection, anger, and mean love are the basis for breaking a contract. But my instructions have not yet been learned! However, I don't want to upset my husband or make our marriage bring us back to our children, but we are patient, hoping for a happy marriage. I learned that there is no end to happiness or time, patience and perseverance. This lesson, made possible by my parenting skills, cannot be learned without prior effort and is one of the best gifts I have ever received!

This is an important gift that I received from my granddaughter.


We live in a race of immediate interest. If you don't like something or it doesn't work immediately, it's easy to toss in favor of something easier or more " ". I can't continue or give up because the competition is too big. I was determined to keep my word and continuing to train in the face of adversity made me stronger and less productive.

I left my child grateful for pushing me to the limit to stand up for my job and fight for something important. Maintaining high standards and setting them an example of not giving up when things get too bad or difficult is important to me. They proved I had been doing it for a long time and knew they were combat fit!

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Raising another child can be different from taking care of ourselves. I had the virtue and the blessing of knowing children at birth. I know their interests, their insecurities, their love, and they have the good sense to know me too. We have our history, our daily life and our own culture. When I became a part of my grandson's life, I found myself in a unique position to fulfill parenting roles without any background or background with my children. They don't like my cooking, they don't understand my path or my thoughts, and the only sticker that unites us is my dad. I am thrilled to have the strength to overcome the differences and come together by taking care of the situation where we were able to come together as a team!

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The blended family is proof of the mind's ability to be infinitely expandable. Love has no limits to the number and level of people who can be loved. We love only those we love so much and deeply! I think my heart is full of my two children. But now I can't think of four more in my life! Been there more than half their life. Good or bad, they are part of me and I am part of them. There's nothing I can't do for them, and I'm so glad they're such an important part of my story!

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My kids and I walked into each other's lives and taught each other lessons. I have so much to learn and so do they! I will never forget that they were children. So some of the courses they study won't be finished for years. My eldest son is going to college this year. The time he spent with his family and in other cities gave him a new perspective on the people in his life and the blessings he possessed. When he left home he was in his rebellious youth and we weren't at our best. Later he began to become a man. I have moved on from the new direction our relationship is taking because she has now developed an appreciation for the relationship and everything she has at home. His passage to old age tells me that childhood was not the end of my life in the lives of these children. We still have many years to be accurate and take advantage of the guidance our organization guides us!

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Being a step-parent is harder than I've ever done. But I'm beginning to see the value of passion and the beauty that comes from overcoming difficult situations. As the saying goes, there is no increase in pain. Often what we most desire and appreciate most is to not give up when we need to and see it through to the end.

I have many reasons to be grateful for my grandchildren's help in my life. I'll never be the only one without their power, I won't be weak, I won't forgive or love. Our experience has shown us that the most precious gifts can be delivered in any type of packaging and that gifts should give us the opportunity to express ourselves. We can miss a gift as a gift when the giver receives more than he knows it's worth. But what exists in everyone and what they tell us is a gift!