stamp making


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This beautiful rubber plant is ideal for budding botanists, but you can also hire it for your own crafts. Includes 25 cards and 2 colored ink pads.

zoom tube monocular telescope


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Keep the location close with this easy-to-use portable camera for the whole family. Available in 6 colors.

Hello Nature: Draw, Write, Create, Big


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A beautiful interactive playbook that will arouse the curiosity of your little naturalist. Our world: the first geography book


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It's a book, a world and a play that teaches children all about beautiful landscapes and the world. Written by Sue Lowell Gallion and illustrated by Lisk Feng.

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Deuter children's backpack


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If it was big enough to pack a snack for a walk, this cute bag would be a great addition!

seed cannon


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Eco-friendly confetti cannons? Yes please! These children shoot flower seeds. 3set a. buggy lights


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This box shines brightly on children entering and friends flying.

Moulin Roti Botanist Case


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These little ones are so cute you just want to give them back to your 7 year old. Flower press, spinning wheel, treasure chest and mirror holder are included in the carrying case.

Uncle Goose Planet Block


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You can see the sun and the night sky nearby. Each block is marked with an image, the diameter of the earth, its distance from the sun, and the location of the sun. National Park Road Learning Set


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The program includes books and playbooks to help young children explore the national park. Great for traveling or any occasion!

sun print kit


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Place a leaf or other object on a lighted sheet of paper, create beautiful prints for a family favorite, and watch the magic unfold.

woodland animal baby belly play time


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Kids will love the situation before they even speak, thanks to this plush set that enhances play and build time.

multitube propagation equipment


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These techniques will help you grow your plant collection and teach kids about plant breeding. Available in 3 colors (red, white, blue). Reef Forest Trail Kit


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Pack these hiking kits so you can learn and grow with the trees when you get out into the woods today. Like a pair of sunglasses, print maps and an owl compass (rarely sold as a flashlight).

tree forest animal lights


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Feel the atmosphere of the school forest in the playroom with 8 forest friends, perfect for casual play.

- Amber Getevir

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