If you are looking for a great holiday gift this year, why not invest in a puzzle, an unknown hero in 2020? Puzzles for adults are a unique idea that is often overlooked. They are great for family reunions, solo time and can even provoke good conversations depending on the theme of the puzzle mentioned.

Puzzles as such have been around for a long time. Gone are the days of tired and old puzzles; today, puzzles are rejuvenated and exciting, interspersed with the work of small creators, carved into unconventional shapes and even in built-in ways that shock and amaze ten-year-olds. To get everyone into the festive spirit and on the right track with several useful options, we found 14 great puzzles for adults. These puzzles are not only the best rated on the market, but with more than 500 pieces they will bring the right dose of holiday fun.

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1. A puzzle that will take you on a journey

Walk through the mystical maze with this puzzle that is available on Amazon.

Win this 1000-piece puzzle full of little details and Easter eggs and a big twist: when done, it can be a magic trick. The creators say the puzzle "uses ideas from visual illusions ... to make it the most interesting puzzle you've ever solved." It's also one of the most popular puzzles: It originally started on Kickstarter and gained more than $ 3 million from more than 60,000 supporters before it became mainstream.

Get the Mystic Maze - 1000 - puzzle piece from Amazon for $ 19.99

Puzzle with a villain

Uncover the secrets of your favorite Disney villains by playing this puzzle game on Amazon. Ravensburger, a superpower puzzle, puts together some of the best sets of puzzles in the game. The company also conducts exclusive collaboration and has several series of Disney-themed puzzles. Shoppers on Amazon are thrilled with this Maleficent puzzle that puts the villain Sleeping Beauty in gold and green. The puzzle now has 4.8 stars on Amazon with more than 8,000 ratings, most of which are known for their "high quality" pieces and "top" puzzle design.

Get the Ravensburger Disney Villainous Maleficent 1,000 puzzle from Amazon for $ 24.50

3. Relaxing puzzle to end a long day

Relax after a long, scary day with this Anthropology puzzle.

This puzzle, in collaboration between Anthropology and the puzzle society led by Mrs. Jiggy, is for anyone who considers traditional artwork to be uninspired. The 800-piece version is unique for night meditation and stress relief and even comes with a tube of glue and a straight edge if you want to turn the puzzle into a wall art.

Get the Jiggy for Anthropologie puzzle and glue kit from Anthropologie for $ 29.95

4. A puzzle inspired by the feel of Instagram

Show fresh, fragrant flowers next to the truck in this perfect puzzle. Floret Farm, an Instagram sensation with almost a million followers, produces beautiful, original varieties of dahlias, daisies and other legumes. Their farm is fresh and colorful, and the farm even has its own TV show on the Magnolia Network. Now you can challenge your brains while viewing their beautiful flowers with this 500-piece Cut Flower Garden puzzle. There are also two sides, one side of the model is a glossy image and the other side a matte image.

Get a 2-sided 500-piece Galison-Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden puzzle from Walmart for $ 11.19

5. Puzzle to use on a green thumb

Create your green groom with the help of this perfect Amazon puzzle.

To the green parts of plants instead of flowers? You can choose from a 1000-piece puzzle by Galison for the Jungle houseplant with many succulents and other plants inside. As you work on this puzzle, you will take a closer look at the intricate beauty and dangerous shapes of nature. Finally, there is a map that explains how each plant is described, as well as the name. Get 1,000 Galison Houseplant Jungle puzzles from Amazon for $ 16.99

6. LEGO inspired puzzles

Have fun with this LEGO-inspired puzzle that will keep you busy in the coming weeks.

Chronicle Books has a number of attractive and challenging LEGO puzzles, from bucket cubes to the wall of minifigure heads. Amazon buyers love this line of Minifigures the most, probably because they all seem to have their own personalities and jobs. Buyers also say that this 1000-piece puzzle is "high quality", and in their review there is a note "the picture is * super * high quality." I literally see the individual stitches of the gray skirt.

Get LEGO Minifigure Puzzle from Amazon for $ 17.95

7. The puzzle shows your support

Show your support of the Women's March by composing this puzzle from Anthropology.

The first round puzzle on the list, the March Women's Puzzle, is 500 pieces of fun to empower women. The puzzle is recommended for children from the age of 14 and contains an illustration of a sea of ​​marchers, as well as some of the original suffragettes that work well. Bonus points if you find Abe Lincoln!

Get Women's March Puzzles from Anthropology for $ 14.95

8. A puzzle that solves the mystery of murder

Solve the ultimate mystery of murder by combining this puzzle.

A puzzle that is more challenging than your eyes and patience, the Murder Mystery puzzle reveals clues as it is solved. Start by reading the crime story, and then - guided only by the story and not the picture of the finished proposal - work to bring the literal pieces together and find out who committed the crime. Because there are two different crimes - The Clairvoyant's Convention and The Missing Will - these puzzles offer unusual goods that can be bought a lot. One even noticed in her review: "My dad loves riddles and mysteries. It includes both, “which means that this puzzle can be a great solution for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

Get the Murder Mystery puzzle from Uncommon Goods for $ 19

9. A puzzle to heal your lust

Embark on a journey of life with this puzzle - you don't need a passport.

Are you forced to call back on your journey in the last two years? You may be confused by the image of a remote destination. Four different puzzles from Wanderlust bring shoppers to Paris, New York, Venice and London while sitting at a table in their house. Puzzles with 1000 pieces are brightly colored and beautifully illustrated. Let's hope they evoke some good memories of past journeys and hope for the future.

Get Wanderlust Puzzle from Uncommon Goods for $ 22

10. Panoramic puzzle

In height, this puzzle is a great addition to any home. If you're a Disney man - or even if you're just ready for the challenge - consider Ravensburger's 1000-piece panoramic Disney puzzle. It is longer than the length and is full of dozens of your favorite Disney characters, including Genie, All Seven Dwarfs, Captain Hook, Cinderella, Aristocats and more. This puzzle would be great for a family night with children or for a group of adults.

Get the Ravensburger Disney panoramic puzzle (1000 pieces) from Amazon for $ 40.02

11. American National Parks welcomes the puzzle

Explore some of the most populous national parks through this puzzle. This puzzle is neatly wrapped in a cardboard cylinder, which means it can be easily placed in a caravan for some camping. 100% of people who buy the Uncommon Goods puzzle recommend it to their friends and have an average of 4.96 stars with almost 200 reviews. Buyers want the pieces to be placed in a cloth bag in a tube, and they are told that the whole picture is so beautiful that it pays to frame the puzzle when you put it together.

Get the Uncommon Goods Vintage National Parks puzzle for $ 20

12. A puzzle that adds a doll of color

Light up the space with this 500-piece Amazon puzzle. Jigsaw puzzle 500 pieces for birds, color foil puzzle Galison has the feathers of birds from around the world. The watercolor photo puzzle designed by artist Margaret Berg has gold foil accents that sing it all. Galison prints his puzzles without glare, non-toxic inks and promises "jigsaw dust" on their boxes, which - if you're a jigsaw puzzle - you know it's a lot.

Get a 500-piece Galison Feathers puzzle from Amazon for $ 14.24

13. A riddle that turns fantasy into reality

Make fantasy a reality with this impressive Amazon puzzle. Unlike some of the above puzzles, the Magic Deer puzzle never claims to perform a magic trick when completed. Yet there were many wonders, with the image of large coins covered with fruits, birds and butterflies. This puzzle is great for a fantasy lover who wants to connect with their magical, natural nerves.

Get Magical Deer Puzzle from Amazon for $ 31.84

14. A puzzle that will take you from one state to another

Travel from one state to another using this puzzle. Everyone is at least a little proud of where they live. Take the spirit of the True South line with state puzzles. Although the company does not make every state - there are only about 17 unusual things in stock - its creations are full of small details and directions, which is a nice * and * puzzle of education. These puzzles can be great gifts for people who are also a little bored. As one buyer of Unusual Things wrote in his review: “I gave it to my mother, who grew up on Rhode Island but now lives in Las Vegas. He was home only because of COVID and