Find the perfect STEMinist gift for your life.

From safety glasses to stylish steel toes, we partner with female engineers to bring you the best gift ideas for the perfect woman in your life. The number of women in STEM and careers has grown astronomically over the past two decades, and this achievement for women is worth celebrating. Whether it's a birthday, graduation or just to say "Thank you for the good", this gift is perfect for any occasion. Read Gifts For Aerospace Engineers

A. pop math quiz wall clock

pictures by amazon

This clock won't tell you the time of your day... but it will get you working. All parts equal face clock, some problems are easier to solve than others, but this fun face clock will make any engineer or calculator laugh. Perfect for classrooms, wall shopping or the office

2. NoCry or Ergodyne Erda safety glasses

These safety glasses are recommended by many female engineers, but beware! NoCry glasses are so good that some women say they keep failing at work. These goggles are fully adjustable, so you should have great protection regardless of your face shape or size. It is also scratch and pos resistant and protects against UV rays. With clean lines and a slim frame design, these are some of the best and best selling guards on the market, perfect for the engineering expert.

Erda was known for her superhuman strength, energy, longevity and longevity. There is no doubt why Ergodyne named these glasses after the goddess of the Norse world. Designed for women, Erdas has a softer, rounded frame with no loose handles or hinges so it won't get caught on long hair. They are luxurious and elegant, but they will also protect you perfectly. It is now sold on Amazon.

3. See-Hawk Safety Vest

Needless to say it's here. Women are eligible for the PPE intended for them. Naturally, PPE is designed to fit the male body, downsize, and the women said that was the best we could do. Saying the best is not enough, Jane Henry created SeeHerWork, a company that develops PPE for women by women. From gloves to gloves to underwear, SeeHerWork sets the prerequisites for working women. Not only is this vest the perfect gift for any woman in the industry, it also has extra pockets. 4. Sleek Steel Toe Cap from Xena Workwear

Anastasia Kraft is looking for Xena Workwear to avoid work-related stress in manufacturing and has to wear heavy work shoes, which is not recommended. Knowing that women deserve to be trusted and that they should be able to express themselves in the working environment of men, she has created stylish sandals for all occasions. ASTM 2413-18 certified and OSHA compliant, yet stylish and wearable, these shoes are perfect for women attending design or manufacturing meetings. You won't find shoes like this anywhere. 5. Noise-isolating earplugs

Most engineers and technicians are required to wear earplugs due to ambient noise levels. These earplugs are among the most advanced devices for noise cancellation and are inexpensive compared to other earplugs. Made from memory foam, it fits perfectly in the ear and does not slip. Also, Moldex provides the same ear with a wired option, so you don't have to worry about them falling off. Comes in a pack of 200, so you don't have to worry about hearing protection for long.

6. Rocket Book and Pilot Friction Pen

No, it's not just a book about fireworks, but it's also a very good idea. The Rocketbook is an indefinitely reusable digital book. Using Pilot Frixion Line Pen with Rocketbook, your writing sticker on the page is like a regular pen and notebook, just wipe it with a little water and a microfiber cloth. There are 7 logos at the bottom of each page, circle a logo and copy your text with the Rocketbook app, your text will be cut and sorted online. Clean, simple and absolutely ecological. The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

7. Good quality stainless steel cup

Engineers are busy and our female engineers often have to run to the production floor and say their morning coffee is ice cold until they get home. This stainless steel mug is small, safe and clean to keep your coffee hot or cold for hours. The inside of the mug has a non-stick coating, making it easy to clean. The state-of-the-art cap prevents condensation from escaping into the air when opened, and vents prevent splashing or spilling with every sip. This mug is the perfect companion for a busy worker.

8. rugged phone case

Everyone has lost their phone. Or if you place it near a heavy machine...or put a box on it...the rugged phone is perfect for any engineer working in a non-telephone environment. This information from OtterBox is perfect and fully proven in the machine shop. Available in a variety of styles, the Symmetry Series case is sleek and thin enough to fit in your pocket while protecting your phone. These issues from LifeProof cost a bit more, but have been recommended by many female engineers.

9. female engineer shirt

T-shirts for the whole engineering team! One problem that many women face is cute graphic tees that are still made with a unisex fit. (Honestly, it's not unisex.) Artist Redbubble has created a variety of fun, cute, and entertaining engineer-inspired t-shirts with custom feminine fits. There's also the option to buy the same design in a unisex fit, so this gift is perfect for everyone. Redbubble artists are the ones who get paid when they purchase one of their designs, so they can support smaller businesses than big ones.

10. Engineer-Inspired Jewelry

Jewelry might not be the best accessory for the store, but engineer-inspired jewelry is a beautiful and fun way to show off the professionalism you love. The four links here are also from Etsy, so you can reevaluate the benefits of supporting small businesses while supporting women in STEM. And we all know there's no such thing as saying "I love you" like a mini level switch in your ear.

We hope this list has helped you find the best gift for your favorite professional. Supporting women in STEM is very important, and it starts with supporting STEM women in their lives. Take advantage of this hunting gift!